What is Terzo Solar Film

The range of solar films is specially tailored for automotive glass. With the help of Japan's state-of-the-art technology, the TERZO solar film is actually a multi-layer polyester film combined with a layer of film, preventing up to 97% of harmful infrared rays (IR) and 400% of ultraviolet rays (UV) penetrating. Through the window glass into the car.

The components used in making the film will give it different desirable properties, such as protection of heat, ultraviolet radiation, and providing an aesthetic appearance.


Solar film is a film-like object on the front and rear windshield, side window glass and sunroof, and this layer of film-like object is also called solar film or explosion-proof insulation film.

Its role is mainly to block ultraviolet rays, block some of the heat and prevent the sudden explosion of the glass caused by injury, anti-glare and other conditions occur, at the same time according to the one-way perspective performance of the solar film, to achieve the purpose of protecting personal privacy. In addition, it can also reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation in articles and people inside the vehicle, reduce the temperature inside the vehicle through physical reflection, and reduce the use of automotive air conditioners, thereby reducing fuel consumption and saving some expenses.


The influence of infrared rays on the body The main target organs are the eyes and the skin.

Harm to eyes - Prolonged exposure to infrared light can cause cataracts, corneal damage, and solar retinal choroidal burns, the most common of which is cataracts.

Effect on the skin - Infra-red radiation with a relatively high intensity for a short time will increase the local temperature of the skin and cause a erythema reaction. The erythema disappears after the irradiation is stopped. Repeated irradiation produces brown marble-like pigmentation. Excessive exposure, especially near-infrared rays, can cause localized high temperatures and burns, such as skin vasodilation, skin erythema reactions, and burning-like pain. Severe blisters can occur in varying sizes. In daily life, infrared rays rarely cause burns, and normal avoidance reactions due to pain sensation are avoided.


UVA - UVA is a terrible sunshine killer. It can penetrate the surface of the skin and penetrate deeper into the dermis through its long wavelength and strong penetrating ability. It can destroy the fine structure inside the skin such as collagen and elastin fibers, producing wrinkles and Fine lines make the skin loose and aging. This is medically called photoaging.

In the UV's energy distribution in the sun, UVA is 15 times that of UVB, which is the main cause of skin tanning. It can reduce the hyaluronic acid content of the water in the skin, make the skin dry, accelerate the formation of melanin, make the skin color black, and it is also an important cause of skin cancer.

UVB - The damage and protection of UVB has been thoroughly studied. It can make the skin sunburned and sunburned in a short time (about 20 minutes for most people).

Security film

The safety film is popularly known as explosion protection. Adding a layer of protection to the car glass In the collision with the outside world, it plays a role in preventing the glass from breaking and fixing broken glass slag to protect the safety of the car owner.

Paint protection film (PPF)

The paint protection film (PPF) is also called the body stealth protection clothing. It is a high performance membrane. Lightweight and transparent, with superior toughness. Can effectively prevent scraping, pebbles, sand shots. Can also be perfectly attached to the paint surface, so that paint and air insulation. Effective anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, lasting protection of your car paint. Easy to maintain, reduce the cost of waxing the body! Product environmental protection, will not paint after the protective film torn off, do not hurt the original car paint, do not leave glue, restore your car paint the original appearance.